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Your 10K run

A great set of training programs for your first 10K (beginner) or for improving your speed and performance( intermediate) or for your best ever (advanced). Follow your 8 week schedule for a proud moment at the finish line. Know More

Your 5K Run

Whether it's your first ever 5k run ( for a couch to 5k start) or you have run several and now you are wanting to run your fastest, we have a great training schedule for you. The beginner is for the couch to 5k and the intermediate and advanced schedules are for those striving to get ever better. Know More

Your Half Marathon

A 12 week schedule to follow to the T, for the 1st timer, intermediate or beginner runner. Do not skip or mish mash the schedule - we want you to be smiling at the finish line. Know More

Your Marathon

Whether it is your 1st or your 100th marathon, it is special! Treat yourself in a special way with diligent training where the key is to mimic conditions on race day at the race location. Arrogance is a curse of the long distance runner and humility is key. Check out three levels of training schedules here for your 1st marathon, improving your performance, or for your best ever time. Know More


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