For Runners:

You’ve come to the right place if you

 Need advice, encouragement, want to link in with other other beginner runners, or others who have similar running goals

 Want to connect with enthusiastic runners, virtually, or in your town and get tips from their wealth of experience? Or start a running group?

 Want to know great running routes or want to post one of your own?

 Want a running log to become your own best coach?

 Want access to world class training schedules free?

 Want to know which races to plan for in the next 12 months?

 Can’t find a good water bottle belt for running?

 Have a question about ANYTHING on running?

  You’ve come to the right place.

 Help us to get your family, friends, company and neighborhood running!


For Organisations

 We do engagements on “Injecting Passion” for leadership teams, broader organisational teams and Off – sites, sales meetings and others

A 6 month engagement on Running and the company’s bottom line

Read more at Why running can boost a company’s bottom line

For Marketers:

 Reach influencers and early adopter consumers with an active life style in a fun and engaging way.

 Build a property like no other, for you to connect with your target audience and leverage.

 Choose your geography and time of year of interest to you

 If you have ANY marketing need and require a powerful connect with your consumers, you’ve hit the jackpot! Contact us and we will understand your objectives and work with you on leveraging this exciting platform of running and give you a 5x return on your investment via social and digital networks, physically and personally with an additionally powerful leverage across traditional media, in an engaging 360 degree approach. Advertise your products, runs on our site. Cross link our site with yours as relevant

 And more…. basically anything on how running can change your world!!


 Some of what we can do with you:

 For organisers of Fun Runs or Marathons – we’ve run them all across the globe:

 We can work with you to make your runs an enjoyable experience for the runners

 We can work with you to make your runs fun

 We can provide virtual training and interactive information to your participants


 Talks for Schools, Colleges and workshops for Corporates:

 Getting into top gear in life and shaping character- for schools

 Feeling Good to Looking Good- for colleges

 Enhancing productivity, shaving off 10-15% of total employee cost to company, Building a high performance team- for Corporates

 Leadership workshops


 Innovative marketing and targeted advertising:

 Build a property like no other, for you to connect with your target audience and leverage.

 Fun runs of 5k and 10k to get running into the Dna, in an enjoyable way

 Running groups


 Half and full marathons

Advertise your products, runs on our site

Cross link our site with yours as relevant

 E-mail : contactus@runningandliving.com

Rahul Verghese (Founder and Chief Believer)

Rahul Verghese (Founder and Chief Believer)


Rahul Verghese (Founder and Chief Believer)I started running at the age of 40 and ran my 1st marathon at 41, while posted in Chicago with Motorola. I got bitten by the running bug since and run 55 marathons across several cities and 6 Continents. I have found that running really unleashes the potential of each individual, and that’s what’s excited me to quit my marketing career of 25 years with Unilever, Nestle, a garment company and finally Motorola, and switch gears to start something I am passionate about and combine that with my experience in Marketing. I have had the opportunity to run in several major marathons – including Chicago, New York City, London, as well as the original – from Marathon to Athens. After my 2nd marathon I set myself a target to run 50 marathons, one in each continent (including The Antarctic) and also qualify for the Boston Marathon. In school and college I was into mountaineering and trekking, and just 12 years ago, along with long distance running, I got into skiing and have found myself atop several double black diamond slopes even though I am no way an expert skier. But you live only once! So – life begins at 40 I guess. If you love life, you’re on the right website, else if you want to start getting to love life, you couldn’t have chosen better! If you want to make a deep connection with your target consumers, contact us and help kick start a big running movement, amongst beginner runners, and watch your brand equity soar.

The end goal is to enable individuals, organizations and brands, to unleash their potential – via running

E-mail : contactus@runningandliving.com

Running And Living has been blessed with the tireless energy of Anita Bhargava who has been our Chief Running Enthusiast also having started running post 40, and Sumeet Virmani who is a natural and gifted runner. Both of them were pillars in the early years, and continue to be very engaged and supportive ten years on.
The running community in different cities have contributed so much in infecting others, starting running groups, organising passion driven running events and more. They have truly supported us in a variety of ways as have our partners – apparel brands, media brands, hotels and resorts, hospitals, well wishers, friends and others – making our venture’s life so far, an adventure.

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